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Emerson Collective is a for-profit corporation focused on education, immigration reform, the environment, media and journalism, and health. Founded by Laurene Powell Jobs, this limited liability company uses philanthropy, impact investing, advocacy, and community engagement as tools to spur change in the United States and abroad.

The performance of past deals or a lead investors’ track record is not a guarantee of future returns. dotbig contacts Venture capital fund investments are inherently risky and illiquid. Such investments involve a high degree of risk and are suitable only for sophisticated and accredited investors. The Josephine Collective looks at deals on a rolling basis, and founders can apply to be considered at any time. We generally bring 2-3 deals per month to the Collective for potential investment.

Jim has a BBA degree in Finance from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI and a Master of Finance degree from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. Project leader for the acquisition of two business units to be carved out of a bankrupt former Fortune 500 company. Jim began working for his first startup, Fisker Automotive, in 2010 as Director of Manufacturing Finance & Business Development. He helped the company to launch its first vehicle, manage operations, and create public and private partnerships. Jim started his career with General Motors where he quickly rose through management positions within the company, including running GM’s Revenue Management group and serving as the CFO for an $800 million business unit.


We can’t lead rounds but we’ll certainly help you set terms when it’s helpful. dotbig And we’ll consider investing in later-stage rounds too if it’s helpful to founders to have our angels involved in your business. We’ve been writing about startups and venture capital since Founder Collective began, and we thought it would be helpful to collect some of our most popular posts to help entrepreneurs understand our approach and thought process. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and our mailing list if you don’t want to miss future posts.

  • Investing in companies bringing ethical financial services to underserved populations and lowering the barriers to entrepreneurship.
  • In recent years the organization has expanded its reach into art, film, and media, journalism, sports, and other creative ventures.
  • Emerson Collective is a for-profit corporation focused on education, immigration reform, the environment, media and journalism, and health.
  • Membership is open to individuals, family offices and multi-party entities from all over the world.
  • The Investment Collective is interested in funding seed stage businesses run by great entrepreneurs who have developed products and services that target specific markets .

We use a wide range of tools and strategies — partnering with entrepreneurs and experts, makers and policymakers, advocates, and creatives — to build and execute innovative solutions that will spur change and promote equality. Jim Kimbel is the CEO and Principal of The Investment Collective, a role that includes managing the relationships with each startup in which the group invests. Jim has extensive experience in managing company finances, closing investment deals, and leading startups.

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Today we focus on funding companies that are registered and based in the United States. Fintech startup Nira has raised about Rs 18.68 crore or around $2.5 million in its pre-Series A2 round led by JB Ventures. Collective Ventures, Fahim Rashid and Toby Chapman have also participated in the new round. dotbig ltd Nira has allotted 1,773 preference shares at an issue price of Rs 1,05,398.95 each to raise Rs 18.68 crore, shows the company’s regulatory filings. JB Ventures led the round with 14.95 crore while Collective, Rashid and Chapman have invested Rs 2.8 crore, Rs 55 lakh and Rs 35 lakh respectively. testimonials As per our data tracking platform Fintrackr, the valuation of the company is estimated at around Rs 230 crore or about $31 million. Founded by Nupur Gupta and Rohit Sen in 2017, Nira focusses on offering small-ticket loans to workers in the blue- and grey-collar segments.

Collective Venture Investments

So an LP who is newly bullish on remote work could get their hands in early deals instead of waiting for the AR/VR fund they invested in years ago to make that move. A global network of founders, operators, and investors who are committed to sourcing and supporting TVC’s portfolio companies. Our unique process provides investors with the building blocks to construct a strong portfolio of high-growth technology companies. We also really do invest early–as in we’ll be your first check, also known as your “Friends and Family” round.

The Josephine Collective

Those two states account for over 65% of funding for early stage companies. There are many good reasons why this occurs, but we believe that successful companies can start anywhere. This deal has to be kept confidential for now, but we are investing at the valuation from the Seed round that originally closed in December. This was a very high-profile, competitive round with participation from several Tier 1 crypto-focused VCs. The company has experienced tremendous growth since the round and is expected to raise its Series A by the end of Q2. Offer LPs a preview of the quality of deal flow that is to be expected while achieving almost immediate exposure to a high-caliber portfolio of companies at valuations as far back as December 2021. Platform investment vehicle whereby anyone can monetize their access to deal flow by simply sharing opportunities and making introductions to founders that HC ultimately invests in.

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Importantly, each of our investors, called Members, joined The Investment Collective to actively help our portfolio companies succeed. dotbig broker In some cases, this may mean Members will provide guidance within their areas of expertise or make connections within their vast networks. In other cases, our Members may help solve significant problems or capture major opportunities at the behest of our portfolio CEOs.

This model allows us to deploy resources in the most flexible way for the greatest impact. Emerson Collective is impatient but optimistic, and bold but pragmatic in its approach. To meet the ambitious goals of its founder and growing team, Emerson Collective is seeking colleagues with both the audacity to dream up new ways to improve the world, and the determination to make them a reality. The fund may invest in other funds subject to those funds’ fees and investment strategies. LPs can gain almost immediate exposure to a portfolio of companies that have raised from several Tier 1 VCs. dotbig forex Rolling fund’s allocation win-rate will be well above the industry average.

The Collective Capital team reviews over a 1,000 opportunities annually in order to find the most promising investments. We have a team of professionals actively searching for the best investment opportunities throughout the country. There is an annual membership fee of $250 per investor due upon registration, which covers accounting and K-1 filings. Our managers do not take fees for managing the Collective or sourcing deal flow. Protects founders from having too many investors on their cap tables . Below are the ventures we are privileged to have invested into via the Unreasonable Collective.

Senior Vc Associate @ Emerson Collective In Palo Alto, Ca

Connected, innovative solutions for children, elders, and women’s health and the infrastructure to improve health outcomes. We invest in solutions for all women and working families across the themes of Career, Care, and Consumer. Illumio stops cyber threats by dynamically enforcing segmentation and policy on every point of compute and storage, on premise or in the cloud, with lights-out, hands-free management. what is an Venture Investments Atomwise delivers breakthrough products for pharma and agriculture companies with novel AI for atom-by-atom chemistry. Tyler Knight will satisfy their GP commitment in part by waiving 50% of management fees otherwise owed to them by the fund. Probability of securing an allocation in competitive deals goes up exponentially. Designed to help ship software, impact markets, and ultimately change lives.

We help make angel investing accessible for all, but we are especially focused on helping women and people of color diversify their strategies and ease into a part of the investment world that can generate incredible returns. We do this by using a unique structure that allows us to invest in high-potential startups with the lowest possible fee structure. We fund & accelerate pre-seed & seed stage venture scale tech-enabled companies led by historically underestimated founders building in the fin-tech, health-tech, prop-tech, and future of work sectors.

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