The US dollar continued its strong performance during today’s trading, benefiting from several positive developments in the markets th… Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Indian shares ended Tuesday’s session on a sluggish note amid mixed global cues and ahead of a market holiday on Wednesday for Diwali celebrations. Get the latest fundamental analyses, technical analyses and the most up-to-date Forex news catered to your interests, everyday. The price of gold extended downside movement on Tuesday, dragging the value of yellow metal … The Canadian dollar traded sharply to the downside on Wednesday, sinking more than 150 pips against … US news were far from supporting a September rate hike, with July CPI missing expectations …

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These fundamental news events are therefore represented by the day to day economic calendar agenda. Trading forex based on economic events such as fundamental news releases can give traders an edge in the markets. Knowing what type of events are lined for the day allows traders not just with trading opportunities but also knowing when to stay out of the markets.

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As the name suggests, the economic calendar will show you a list of the day’s economic events. The forex markets never sleep and there is always some news event or the other happening. For example, traders typically use a red color for high impact events and other colors for medium or low impact news releases. You can easily filter Forex out the data so you can focus only on the big news releases that will bring volatility to the markets that you are trading. News based trading or trading based on economic events is a strategy used by many day traders. The basic criteria with such a method of trading is to wait for the markets to near a major news release.

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After you are done with configuring the MT4 news indicator, you should be able to see the indicator displaying the day’s economic events on the bottom left side of your screen. Many a times, day traders and scalpers do not pay much attention to the fundamental news that comes out during the day. However, this can lead to losses especially if you are trading in the short term. One of the reasons is that around news releases, the spreads tend to widen. Most news based trading strategies require to you buy or sell at market. For example, if you look to an economic calendar such as you will find that the news events are categorized into different types of events.

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You can simply install the news indicator on your MT4 platform and have all the events showing up on your price charts if you are looking for news based trading. To be a successful trader using forex factory live charts analysis, short term trend & big trend forex signals. With the MT4 news indicator you do not have to trade in the blind anymore. Regardless of what your trading approach is, you can use the news indicator as a way to alert yourself to upcoming economic events or simply use the schedule as a way to plan your trading day. Another common type of news event that you should follow is the central bank news speeches. Speeches given by key officials from the central bank who determine the interest rates can give great insights into their thinking and what their decision will be on interest rates. Once the indicator is all set up, you can then add your own technical trading systems and wait for price to near the news event following which you can trade the markets quite easily.

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  • In this method, the markets tend to rise in anticipation of a major news event only to sell off after the release.
  • This will make things a lot easier for you and also lays the groundwork for you to understand the relationship between the fundamentals and the technical analysis of the forex markets.
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