This moment is unlike any we’ve faced. As educators you are doing so much to continue to provide inclusive learning environment, support student academic success and making efforts so that the social and emotional needs of the students are being met, even as you care for your own families and community while working from home.

We’ve heard from many educators that are facing similar challenges for developing students social and emotional skills during remote learning in this new environment, and we’re pleased to share the resources that help you quickly meet your needs and continue the process of making the students learn, conduct the test for evaluation right from your laptops, mobiles.

Our team has been working around the clock to ensure that all the schools/colleges/educational institutions can stay in touch and operational. For the past some weeks taking into consideration the situation, we have strived to provide the educational institutions with an uninterrupted service and same user friendly experience which has made Microsoft teams a choice for many institutions around the world and also ensuring privacy and ease for their continuous operations.

So, Microsoft teams is highly recommended for educational institutions, here are a few key reasons:

Microsoft Teams provides both students and educators with a single multi-purpose portal that enables us to connect, meet and collaborate on virtual whiteboards and share documents. With assignments, conversations, files, notes, and video calls all pulled together, Teams is a great all-in-one hub for the collaborative classroom.

Continuing to drive student engagement and focused learning can be a challenge, especially for those moving to remote learning for the first time. As we all say that ‘Learning Never Stops’ Microsoft teams starts a new journey for students to learn in their own way.

  • Stay charged: Learning from home can be a new experience for students. Encourage them to take breaks between lessons to stretch, hydrate, or just unplug.
  • Stay focusetd: It gives them a chance o find a quiet place with minimal distractions around.
  • Stay connected: School is also an important place for by social perspective, finding hard to not to meet their friends face to face, make a meeting room and interact with their friends. If they are out sick or can’t join class because of an appointment, remind them to change their status or set a status message so their classmates are also aware.
  • Motivate your class:  Use Teams to encourage joyful challenges throughout the week by creating a ‘Fun Activities’ channel. For example, hold a cooking contest and have students share their creations in the channel. Recognize your students by sending them praise in the channel, inspiring more students to participate.
  • Bring lessons to life: Make a lesson interactive by enabling whiteboard teams during a live lesson. Have students come up to the whiteboard and solve a math problem or demonstrate their art skills, just like they would in a physical classroom.


  • Have interactive sessions with your class by sharing your screen to present your lesson and encourage students to ask questions using the chat feature. 
  • You can show a film by sharing your system audio in a meeting. 
  • During a lesson, you can moderate the class discussion by muting students, making them presenters, or if needed, removing them from the meeting. Record the lesson, so students can review it on their own time.
  • Record any class session in case some students can’t join during the live session. 
  • For assessments, you can easily create and grade quizzes in Teams using Microsoft Forms


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