ROMS Restaurant Managment System

Our restaurant software takes care of your business, while you take care of your guest

 Manage your restaurant chains and franchises from a Single Place

Does your restaurant have multiple outlets in industry? A fast food chain?

Managing your big and small branch restaurants or franchises involves operations like billing, accounting and many more complex tasks. But with the help of our restaurant management software’s Head Office module, take centralized control over all the connected branches or franchises with a command over menu items, rates, partial control over stock and inventory management of individual locations and more.

Intelligent inventory and stock management 

Big results for small efforts.Our ROMS software offers a smart stock and inventory management software that provides you real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients.

 which leads to increased cost-effectiveness and reduced wastage and discrepancies in stock, thence simplifying the stock management

An app specially for waiters to optimize orders

Are your waiters facing troubles in managing customers’ orders? 

Handling queue, fast orders, and timely service is important to satisfy restaurant customers.

our company has designed a restaurant order taking app to streamline all your orders online or offline. It is synced with our ROMS system and works on both Android and iOS mobiles.

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