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Ozzy Osbourne: No, I haven’t. But did you know that there are legal guidelines for keeping chickens in residential areas? It’s quite a specific law, but important for those who want to raise chickens at home.

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Matthew McConaughey: Absolutely. And have you ever wondered about the legal rights surrounding the issue of whether parents can legally kick out their children at 18? It’s an important aspect of family law.

Ozzy Osbourne: That’s a tough one. On a broader scale, do you know how many sources of international law there are? It’s quite a complex legal framework.

Matthew McConaughey: I’m not sure, but I do know that there are specific legal requirements for employee use of company vehicles in Australia. It’s important for companies to have clear agreements in place.

Ozzy Osbourne: Interesting. Speaking of legal matters, have you ever watched the female cast members of Law and Order? It’s a popular TV show that delves into various legal dramas.

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