Since going live, Icebreaker has seen a 100% success rate on their shipment of orders, meeting service levels and improving overall customer experience. The hourly surface air temperature acquired by the AWS on board RV Xuelong shows low air temperature, around -2°C before 30 December 2013. At the beginning of the compaction stage (i.e. by late on 2 January 2014), the surface air temperature increased by ∼2°C. During the third stage, the dispersion stage, the surface air temperature was higher, especially on 3 January, peaking just above 2.5°C(Fig. 8).

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It’s supposed to be a quick mins and anything more is wasting people’s times. But only for a few mins while I wait for everyone to join the icebreakers for virtual meetings call and then get right into business. Aldar Properties PJSC had to unify multiple systems across all entities, geographies, and channels.

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Rapid changes in the ice edge and ice concentration, as seen from two consecutive MODIS images on 6 January 2014 and 7 January 2014. Also shown are the outer sea-ice edge , the zone delineating old from new sea ice and the zone delineating fast ice from first-year ice , and the open-water leads . It acts as a one-stop-shop for developers, offering an insights engine capable of running complex checks to detect performance, availability, cost and security risks. DevOps teams can stay on top of their applications’ performance and ensure a high-quality experience for the end-user, whilst quickly troubleshooting and resolving errors. The tech covers the typical pain points for developers, like queue delay monitoring, which has been notoriously difficult to keep track of until now.

aws icebreaker

UBNF and BNSK represent RV Akademik Shokalskiy and RV Xuelong, respectively. The primary topographic features include the Adélie Depression , Commonwealth Bay , Watt Bay , Buchanan Bay and the Mertz Depression . Also shown are the ice edge as of 29 December and the outline of Mertz Glacier Tongue prior to its calving. On 24 December 2013, the Russian RV Akademik Shokalskiy became entrapped in pack ice over the Adélie Depression (67°100 S, 144°300 E) following strong onshore winds.

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The engineering leads responsible for the data, which accounts for 60-70% of their monthly AWS spend, particularly appreciate this visualization and insight on their AWS usage. Prior to using CloudForcast, the data engineers would not have proactively used AWS Cost Explorer to check daily costs, or even monthly ones. “Now, with the daily cost reports from CloudForecast, I’ve had the data team leads message me noticing cost increases and catching them before I do,” Brandon observes. Coffee Meets Bagel is a San Francisco based startup with a dating and social networking mobile app of the same name. The AWS is currently transmitting atmospheric data at regular intervals to Muenchow aboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden. The AWS will also support five ocean sensors to measure temperature and salinity at a future point in the expedition. A large area of fast ice (∼4620 km2; Fig. 2) was identified to the northeast of iceberg B09B.

Estonia’s Alvin bags €6.1M from Project A Ventures, others for its data lineage platform – Silicon Canals

Estonia’s Alvin bags €6.1M from Project A Ventures, others for its data lineage platform.

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Their main requirement was that the tool provides the total daily and monthly spend in a simple and easy-to-understand manner — especially, as much of this data would be shared with C-levels in the organization. They didn’t need a lot of organizational tools and pay for features that might be more useful to a large enterprise. Roadmap Agile Understand your customers’ experience at every stage and plan for future development. Process Flowchart Empathize aws icebreaker Diagram the steps and inputs of a business process to identify opportunities for improvement. Design Studio Design Ideate and build off teammates’ ideas to come up with creative solutions to a problem or design challenge. Conversation Design The Conversation Factory Conversation Factory Design Design conversations skillfully and intentionally, by taking a fresh approach to applying the tools of user experience design and design thinking. In this collaborative workshop facilitated by the AWS Solutions Builder team, you share your solutions-related knowledge and visions in areas such as networking, security, migration, big data, mobile.

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The Arctic West Winter mission included travel in heavy ice in total darkness and joint exercises with Russian aircraft at the US Russian maritime boundary in the Bering Sea. During the deployment Polar Star made port calls in Dutch Harbor Alaska and Juneau Alaska. In November 2017, the ship came back to Buenos Aires after successfully passing its “ice test”, the last stage of its restoration work that left it ready for service again. It was confirmed that it will be present on the Antarctic 2018 campaign.

  • Subsequently, the ship’s weight and forward motion combine to fracture the ice.
  • Arctic deployments for occurred, including the annual resupply of Thule Air Base, Greenland, as well as science and power projection based operations referred to as Arctic East Summer , Arctic West Summer , and Arctic West Winter .
  • Customer Insights IDEO U Understand In this activity, you will ground yourself and your team in the needs of the people you are creating for through careful observation.

We’re grateful to partner with them during their digital transformation, and we’re excited to recognize them for their achievements at MuleSoft CONNECT. Enjoy access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more from Scribd. Silent Circuit Brainstorm Generate ideas about a wide range of problems. This brainstorming template is ideal for incorporating different learning styles and personality types.

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