From lowering costs to creating simpler experiences, find out what sets UnitedHealthcare plans apart. Employed a pen to open the package; employed her skills in the new job. Complying with the law when doing business with the Federal Government.

Private s pay all benefits owed to their injured workers, either directly from the employer’s own resources or indirectly through another party. While most covered employers obtain insurance from private carriers or group pools, provisions in the law establish criteria for certain employers to become self-insured. Potentially eligible employers must apply for approval to use the self-insurance option from the Director of Workers Compensation. The Kansas Insurance Department approves the formation of group-funded self-insurance pools and determines whether employers qualify for membership in a pool. By registering for below, you as an employer can receive support with reporting work layoffs or new hires, as well as with applying for the Shared Work Program or for an unemployment insurance tax account. Voluntary plansVoluntary plans are employer-run paid family and/or medical leave insurance programs. Employers can choose to use a voluntary plan for family leave, medical leave or both.

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The Industrial Safety and Health Division is charged with helping Kansas businesses prevent workplace illnesses and injuries. This is done through free safety and health consultations that help find potential hazards at their worksites. The division provides both educational and safety incentive programs to assist employers develop and continuously improve safety at their facilities. When employers hire employees, they are classified as either exempt or nonexempt. For example, an employer may hire an employee for $60,000 per year to supervise the quality department. Exempt employees receive the same salary each pay period regardless of the number of hours they worked. Employers can’t dock the wages of an exempt employee who goes home early, for instance.

  • The Kansas Insurance Department approves the formation of group-funded self-insurance pools and determines whether employers qualify for membership in a pool.
  • Employers can also hire employees as nonexempt or hourly workers who are paid an hourly wage for each hour worked, and whose pay is subject to the terms of the Fair Labor Standards Act forovertime.
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  • Employed a pen to open the package; employed her skills in the new job.
  • Calling a worker a contractor but treating them as an employee is called misclassification.

Your application will be processed and you will be contacted with your account information. Misclassifying employment in Kansas harms workers, the business community and Kansas taxpayers. For more information, visit the KansasKansas Department of Revenue website. s have responsibilities per federal and state law, including withholding federal, Social Security, and Medicare taxes. Companies usually terminate employment for a reason, such as poor performance or position elimination, but legally they aren’t required to have a reason because of at-will employment.

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The PEO-Client relationship is a contractual, co-employment agreement. Therefore, under Kansas law, both entities are liable for the unemployment tax obligations. This means that the PEO must establish an account for itself and an account for each client it has in the state. The PEO account is known as the “parent account” and each client account will be linked to the parent account. The employee leasing business shall keep separate records and submit separate quarterly unemployment tax and wage reports for each client. The unemployment tax rate of the PEO is shared by all of its clients. Thus, each client’s unemployment tax rate will be the same as the PEO parent.


A person or business that employs one or more people for wages or salary. Stay up to speed on current health care developments impacting your business and your employees. When you choose UnitedHealthcare, you’ll get group benefit solutions designed to deliver more health care value for your business and your employees. If you suspect someone has committed unemployment fraud, such as using your employee’s information to fraudulently collect unemployment benefits, report it to KDOL at home packing jobs role and responsibilitiesEmployers of every size are required to collect premiums and submit reports to the state each quarter. Once the PEO appears as a registered PEO on the Kansas Insurance Commissioner’s website, you can then complete the Employer Status Report form (K-CNS 010) below for the PEO and send it to for processing.

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